Popular Nigerian artiste Peruzzi reacts to the accusations by CEO of Golden boy entertainment.

The owner of golden boy entertainment took to his twitter handle@king patrickGB to make some allegations against Peruzzi. He accused the artiste of breaching terms of his contract with the record label.

peruzzi responded to the accusations by saying his songs were sold by the record producer without his consent and he didn’t get paid for them either.


Looks like Rihanna may be back on the market!

Multiple outlets report that the 31-year-old singer has called it quits from her billionaire boyfriend,Hassan Jameel, after nearly three years of dating.

Seeing as Rihanna hasn’t released an album since 2016’sAnd fans have been desperately awaiting an announcement from the Barbados native. Naturally,RiRi’s Army reacted to the split news by poking fun at the fact that jameel “probably got tired of waiting for the album too.”

“See what happens when you don’t release an album,” one fan wrote, with another adding, “Alright queen. Now is the time,drop the album. 2020!!!”

Despite her fans freaking out over the news, Rihanna seemed unfazed when she was spotted out and about at JFK airport in new York city on Thursday. The “Diamonds” singer rocked an hoodie, sweatpants and sparkly Bottega veneta heels retailing for $1,620. She completed the look with Fulani braids and Celine sunglasses.

What to consider before choosing a boyfriend by Mickeeyfemick

Your lucky if your in a relationship with a guy that loves you, A guy that is simple, a matured guy who advises you and makes you smile whenever you face challenges.
Please appreciate him because some guys of today’s era only care about your body, They will get you big phones and drive you round in a Car, you will think it’s love.
Please listen, Just because he doesn’t have money now doesn’t mean everything won’t be better for him. Everything takes time.
You want to dump him for a ready made guy with an iPhone, an apartment and car without minding the number of girlfriends he has. My dear, don’t do what you will regret later. Not all that glitters is gold.
If eventually you marry them, you will end up regretting your marriage. Good matured guys are rare. Appreciate the one you have, Appreciate his effort….. Trust me tables turn on daily basis and you never can tell when the time is right for him….
Never allow your friends dictate for you bcos they ain’t the one who’s gonna be with the person they are telling you is right, rather it’s gonna be you and you alone….. So choose wisely 😊😊😊😊

Honesty Femick 💯