What HUMILITY will do for you by Tunde Adenaike

Over the years many people with different behavioral traits have surface on earth,on daily bases many children are been born into this world,each having his or her own behavioral traits.

If much attention is given to this article,at the long run it will be understood how important and compulsory it is to be humble.Two ways on now people exhibits Humility in their daily life activities will be reviled.

What is Humility ?

According to OXFORD dictionary,”Humility is the characteristic of being humble”.In my own definition i see Humility as being totally submissive and cultivation of regards to fellow humans one come across.Humility has several definitions but,i won’t want to bore you with much definitions.With the above definitions i believe you have an idea of what this article is all about.

Ways on how people exhibits Humility traits:

From Birth(Unconscious)

Many people tends to exhibit traits inherited from birth.Many believes when a child is born,it is either he or she picks after the mother or father’s face or behaviors,and often time it use to be so,the child unconsciously behaves like either of the parents,it’s even possible for a child to have his or her own behavioral traits different from what the parent exhibits.

Constant observation(Consciously)

As a child grows he tends to observe and learn things around him consciously at a point he decides on the behavioral traits that he feels is good to him,he can do this independently and dependently.Dependently in a way that the parent can teach,train and nurture the child on the behavior they feel is best.

The importance of Humility:

It attracts Favor, show me an humble man and i will show you a man who will go far in every of his life endeavors.Because of the rareness of people with this traits,by chance or by means if any one possesses humility in his attitude towards people,he tends to achieve a lot from them,as it is, many people love humble individuals.It can also get you connected,bring you closer to people you might not really have access to,it opens new doors,you get favored by men and God.

The importance of Humility can never be over emphasized,this humility traits afford you the sight to see the positive side of people and render help if necessary at a particular period in time,you tends to respect and honor people older or younger in Age,Position and more.

In conclusion,Humility is one of the best behavioral traits one can exhibit.

Check yourself and make amends where necessary.